Ah, to fidget. One of my personal favorite habits, and one of the habits that probably pisses off most of the people I know.

What can I say, fidgeting actually makes it easier for me (and apparently others) to concentrate. If you don’t believe me, check it out.

TLDR: Go with the fidget spinner and don’t waste your time on the cube

Fidget Cube


  • Many options – you don’t get stuck on just one
  • Cube shape fits nicely in your hand while fidgeting


  • Noisy
  • Because of the options, I focus more on it sometimes than actually paying attention (it’s all about repetition of the same thing)
  • Clunky – cannot really fit it in my pocket

Fidget Spinner


  • Very repetitive and easy to play with
  • Quiet
  • Doesn’t get old. You can do some pretty cool things with it (also a con).


  • Distracting to others. Especially if you’re really good with it.
  • Distracting to yourself. You can do some pretty cool things with it.


My favorite: Fidget spinner. Don’t waste your time on the cube.

Check the out here: