Watching Hangover Pt. II (as everyone moving to Bangkok must do), I was awe struck by the scene at the end of the movie where the “Wolfpack” was riding a cigarette boat through the Thai waters with beautiful cliffs jutting out around them. A quick search revealed, Krabi, an hour flight from Bangkok. Booked.

Finding information on getting to Railay Beach, was a bit of a trick. Even though it’s on the mainland, it is surrounded by cliffs, with no roads providing direct access. The internets told of long tail boats that take anywhere from 10-45 minutes. I had a late flight, so I was a bit uneasy that the long tails would stop running and my night would be spent sleeping on Ao Nang beach.

Getting to Railay Beach, no matter the time of day

Step 1 – Arrive at airport and arrange for transportation to Ao Nang Beach (or go straight there if driving). Doesn’t matter time of day, it is about a 30 minute drive from the airport.

Step 2 – Walk to the beach where the long tail boats are, find a local driver (usually approaches you, if not is standing by the boat), and tell them you are going to Railay Beach.

Cost – 1800 THB (about 50 USD) for a boat that fits 8.

Duration – 10 minutes. I don’t know why some people in forums say 30-45 minutes. Even with chop in the water, it wouldn’t be more than 15.

Regardless of time of day, someone will take you, it is just a matter of if you can split that cost with other travelers.

Hint: The later you go, the more likely you will be taking the boat with either yourself or only the group you’re with.

Hope this helps! Everyone should checkout Railay – it’s fun and beautiful. Will post about some cool things to do and see.