As it turns out, bro tanks are really only a requirement in the Patong Beach area.

For those who do not know, Phuket is a massive island, almost doesn’t feel like an island. This lead me back for round 2.

Kata and Karon are less party filled (but still buzzing) area. Here you won’t find as many drunk backpackers – nothing wrong with drunk backpackers, just sayin’. If you want a break from the craziness of Patong, I highly reccommend this area since it is a short, but fun motorbike ride. Continue on to one of my favorite beaches – Nai Harn Beach (about a 10 minute drive). 

Kamala – to me, this is a must stop for Phuket. If you want a more chilled out area, beautiful beach and restaurants that pose wonderful ocean views – this is your spot. 

If you really want to become a beach pro, gotta invest in one of these Parachute hammocks. Tie it up between two palm trees, and I promise you will have the best beach nap of your life. 

With over 30 beaches in Phuket you can expect another post in the near future.