This past weekend I visited the famous Phuket island for the first time. I was very surprised to see such a strong Russian presence there… and bro tanks. 

With that said, most locals won’t reccommend Phuket, but as a Farang (foreigner) I quite enjoyed it. It’s cheap, easy to get to from Bangkok and a large island so a ton to do. 

What to do:

  • #1 rule for guys: bro tanks must be worn
  • Rent motorbikes and drive around the island stopping at beaches
  • Go to the view point
  • Stay at Lub D hostel – high end hotel, super cheap
  • Visit some cliff restaurants that overlook the sea
  • Take a walk on the beach at night
  • Visit the infamous Patong beach nightlife, maybe checkout a ping pong (or knitting 🤔 show)
  • Walk down the soi’s and sub soi’s and test out a local watering hole

Oh, and watch out for the little buggers (sea lice) that bite you around full moon.