In our desk jockey days where sitting is the new cancer, it is important to stay hydrated so those organs stay well-oiled – oh and stand up, move around a bit. If you’re traveling (or not), carrying a water bottle saves you money, time, is great for the earth and could even make you drink more of it.

I searched hard to find the best water bottles that held the optimum amount of water (IMO – 32oz to 1L), BPA free, low-cost, easy to drink from and compact to travel with. I highly recommend all three options below – you can’t go wrong with any of these.

My Favorite

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.17.02 PM   

Nomader Foldable Sports Water Bottle – 22oz


  • Foldable – not as compact as Vapur, but gets really small
  • Screw on spout cap prevents leakage
  • Pliable and lightweight
  • Can hold boiling water or freezing water
  • Stands upright with or without water
  • Nice carrying string for hands free carrying
  • Easy to clean
  • Narrow mouth spout prevents spillage when drinking
  • Ounce tracker on the side so you can monitor your intake


  • If you forget to screw the spout cap in, it will leak and it can be annoying to have to do every time
  • Only 22oz – at work it’s nice because I get up to fill my water bottle more often

Runner Up

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.16.49 PM

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle, 1-Liter


  • Very lightweight
  • Surprisingly durable
  • Very compact, folds down into nothing
  • 32oz
  • Clip allows for easy carrying
  • Water spout is narrow and easy to drink from
  • Water spout twists off for easy filling
  • Water spout snaps on really tight, but still easy to open


  • The blue starts to rub off, making it see-through – but I also had it go from hot to cold temperatures many times
  • Can be awkward to drink from at first
  • I wouldn’t trust freezing or boiling water in here
  • Can have trouble standing upright when not full
  • Can be difficult to deep clean

Another good option

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.16.32 PM

Nalgene 32 oz Narrow Mouth Reusable Bottle


  • 32oz+ (top line stops at 32, probably more like 36oz)
  • Can unscrew the cap and attach it to items by looping it through and reattaching
  • Narrow mouth spout prevents spillage
  • Ounce tracker on the side so you can monitor your intake
  • Very durable
  • Classic design (if you’re into how water bottles look)


  • Clunky – this will take  up a lot of suitcase room
  • Unscrewing the cap and screwing it back on can be cumbersome (if you’re a lazy water drinker)
  • Difficult to deep clean
  • Colors fade

Contenders – Haven’t tried all of them, but seem like viable options