Jumpstart your day with these 8 things before 8am

I won’t bore you with deep analogies or reasons of how adding a morning routine has helped me or will help you, each person is different. I did, however, wait to write this until I practiced my morning routine for some time. 90 days later, I wouldn’t go back.

How I got here: I found myself in the routine of hit snooze ten times, get out of bed as late as possible, rush my morning shower then get to work as fast as possible mentality. I felt like I was playing catch up at work from the beginning, and it became really draining.

I have read many articles that point to most successful people having a morning routine. Most started somewhere between 4:30am – 6am…fuck that (sorry for those that have to get up that early for work/school). So I setup my own routine and gave it a try.

Setting Expectations


  • Expect to do it every day, that is unrealistic and not worth beating yourself up about
  • Push to do all 8 every day, see above reasons. I usually rotate exercises throughout the week to spice things up.


  • Try to aim for the same time everyday. That’s how habits get formed.
  • Time box exercises 3-7 to no longer than 10 minutes – yes you will leave things unfinished. Pick it up later (or the next day).
  • Set a timer on your phone to make sure you are sticking to your time limits


8 before 8 Routine

  1. Elevatewake up. This is probably the hardest.
  2. Hydrate – drink a glass of water. Great way to kickstart your mind and body
  3. Meditate – ever heard of headspace? Try it out – you get 10, 10 minute sessions for free for ever. 
  4. Educate – read a book, blog post, magazine, newspaper. Get those eyes some exercise.
  5. Communicate – write a blog post (or begin to). Once the ball is rolling, it’s easy.
  6. Ideate – think of ideas, any idea (business, personal, inventions, you name it). No pressure, have fun with it.
  7. Activate – light bodyweight workout (push-ups, planks, squats) Get that blood flowing!
  8. Fill a plate – light breakfast (eggs, avocado, oatmeal, yoghurt, etc.). Most important meal of the day.

My Typical Schedule

  1. 7:15am – 7:20am – elevate and hydrate
  2. 7:20am – 7:30am – meditate (personal favorite and try not to skip)
  3. 7:30am-7:40am -educate, communicate OR ideate (usually rotate)
  4. 7:40am – 7:50am – activate
  5. 7:50am – 8:00am – fill a plate