Sitting on the metra train heading to the suburbs for a soccer game, I had my head phones in and could not render any videos over my LTE network. I look around and everyone is watching (or attempting to watch) videos. There goes our data, which plays into my first idea:

If you like one of these ideas, take it and run with it!

  1. Wifi for Metra and CTA – We have it for planes and automobiles, now let’s get it on trains.
  2. Uber for Services – I have been having some plumbing issues. I want a site I can go to and request a plumber and they come over for an investigation in 5-10 minutes. Same thing for any other service – painting, a/c, general contracting, etc.
  3. Games with people near me – Again sitting on the train, it would be fun to play games against people on the train. Might be a cool way to meet new people since I hate being outgoing (unless I’m drinking).
  4. Youtube for standup comedians – I love standup comedy, but find it really difficult to find up-and-coming comedians. This would be  a venue purely for standup comedy. Comedians upload their own videos.
  5. Instagram for travel photos – All I care about with Instagram is seeing cool places that people are currently in. Helps me realize I need to get off my ass and go somewhere. What I don’t like is seeing pictures of food, flowers and couples kissing.
  6. Farmers market app – I love farmers markets, but it can definitely be overwhelming. I would like to pay a flat fee and get a basket of goodies from local farmers market delivered.
  7. Home cooked meals – Sometimes the best thing is a home cooked meal. People can volunteer cooking for people in need out of their own home and be able to spend some quality time with them. Safety would be the biggest concern.
  8. Writing service for difficult conversations – Breaking up with your boyfriend? Firing an employee? Trying to take off for 3 weeks? Submit your situation and a human will craft an elegant response for you.
  9. Self-changing Bed – OK this one is a stretch. But I have to change the sheets on my bed and keep putting it off. I know I could do it myself or hire someone, but this would be pretty sweet (as long as it doesn’t try to change sheets while I am in bed).
  10. Food smell absorbers – Another one from the train. A guy next to me had Panda Express and it smelled like shit (this isn’t a knock on Panda Express). Would be great if you could put a charcoal pill or something next to your food and it absorbed the smell so everyone didn’t have to partake without actually partaking.

Note: I am not vetting the ideas, so some may exist. Please comment if they do!