Day 7 of creating 10 ideas a day.

After a nice long weekend, it’s time to get back to thinking of some ideas. The book that prompted me to do this lays out 4 simple rules to stay motivated. 1. Eat healthy 2. get sleep 3. don’t drink excessively and 4. if you skip one day, don’t skip two.

Well…0/4 after this weekend. But I’m still here, and here are some ideas:

If you like one of these ideas, take it and run with it!

  1. Startup Crowdfunding for Equity – Kickstarter explicitly prohibits this, which tells me there is an opportunity. Now I’m not saying this isn’t risky, in fact it would be VERY risky for investors. But that’s all investing. Startups set a campaign worth a specific amount of equity, give a pitch to interested parties and investors bid on equity. This is a real problem – a lot of people want to invest in startups, but don’t know how to or simply don’t have the amounts needed.

All businesses seeking equity would have to go through some sort of due diligence and legal entity setup process.

  1. Stock Market for Celebrities – I don’t necessarily see myself as a user of this, but with all the up-and-coming actors, it would be cool to give them support and funding by actually funding their rise. In turn, you would get a percentage of their net worth or movie deals.
  2. Plugin for text messages to mark them as unread – I am notorious for this. I read a text message, forget to respond. Two days later I remember and it’s too late. Simple idea, but would be very useful for me and I’m sure others.
  3. Plugin for text messages to remind you to follow-up – Same vein as marking texts unread. Texts are a primary form of communication, so why can’t I do something as simple as set a reminder to follow up?
  4. Text message support groups – Riding the text message train while it’s hot – What about completely anonymous support group text messages for people who are struggling through something? Making people communicate face-to-face is a big limiting factor people. This would remove that barrier and get the ball rolling on conversations that should have happened yesterday.
  5. Birthday party planner – This has to exist, but I am throwing it out there because birthdays seem to be the same thing over-and-over again. Pregame, bar, home. It would be great to input your birthday or a friends birthday and it outputs a plan, and then allows you to send out invites. Ok – not my best idea.
  6. App to put all your beliefs in and tells you who to vote for – Another idea born out of laziness and (ignorance). I don’t follow politics – in fact, I despise politics. Most of the time I don’t want to vote because I don’t want (or attempt) to learn about the different candidates. If our votes are so important – give us something that takes the thinking and hours of following bullshit out of it.
  7. Workout group finder – My good friend (teacher) has a group that works out at the school gym every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. He swears (and I believe) that this group not only motivates you to workout on a regular basis, but the workouts are always better. I want to find a group of people that workout near me and can lead/plan workouts and get my ass to the gym on a regular basis.
  8. Trip Planner – A group of us are planning to head to Europe over the summer. I want a website where I can put all my destination, dates, times, and it churns out places to stay and things to do. I can book all of them right there.
  9. Outfit planner – I hate even thinking about what I have to wear to work. I don’t spend a ton of time, but it’s definitely something that feels good when it’s effortless. Beyond that, I rarely step outside of my comfort zone. Would love to upload all my clothes to an app, then it spits out different outfits I can wear. I bet this exists.
  10. Funding site for those going to help people in need – We are always trying to give money to those in need (which is awesome), but what about helping fund people to go help out. Sometimes feet on the ground is better than money in the air. To be clear, this isn’t paying them. This is paying for things like flight, food to get there and materials that could be used to help out.

Note: I am not vetting the ideas, so some may exist. Please comment if they do!