Day 5 of creating 10 ideas a day.

I stepped in dog shit on my walk home today.

I get it, owners don’t want to pick it up – even in the cold winters which could actually provide some much needed hand warmth (…joking). This leads me to my first idea:

If you like one of these ideas, take it and run with it!

  1. Dog shit “Spray and Dissolve” – stay with me. My good friend is a chemist and I am sure there is some way to make this work. You spray the shit and POOF it is gone in 10 seconds. If we can’t do that.. at least we can come up with a way to easily get it off my shoes. PoopPOOF – won’t trademark it, you can have it!
  2. Wind turbine installed on the roofs of buildings to supply power – totally different than the above idea, but I was sitting at my desk today looking at a windmill on the top of the building blowing. Why not make high-powered, highly-efficient wind turbines that we place on top of high-rises that can power the building, or at least a couple floors.
  3. Headphones that turn down the volume or stop your music when someone says your name – Love my music for concentration, but always have it turned down to the bare minimum to avoid the awkward ‘Hey Jeff…’ then tap on the shoulder because I couldn’t hear it.
  4. Insulated headphones for warmth – Same breath. Why not make headphones insulated to keep my ears nice and warm in the winter (… and cool in the summer?). Didn’t think that far into it.
  5. Full service ‘Sell By Owner’ real estate website – My parents are starting to think about retirement. Why do they need to cut a check to a realtor? Would be great if they could post their house, show it, and then process all transactions and paper work through a website that takes a fraction of the real estate agent percentage.
  6. Immediate translation device – James bond shit. But actually, skype was trying something like this. You talk in English, spits out German. German talk in German, spits out English. Would be awesome to eliminate that terrible thing we call language barrier.
  7. Cancer detecting pill – You ingest the pill – it sends nanobots into you blood stream, detects any cancerous cells, and report them out. Next step – it knocks those cells out.
  8. Surgery simulator and automator – Radiologists take 3d scans of the area that surgeons are performing surgery. Surgeons have an environment to practice the surgery, then when they finalize the surgery – send it to a robot for flawless execution (AI… let me know your thoughts).
  9. Friend follow-up ‘reminder ‘- Shout out to my old friend @Finedore – it’s hard to stay in touch with everyone. This would be a nice nudge to catch up with old friends – even if it’s as simple as a quick chat. Maybe a Social feature request than anything else.

Confession: Forgetting to follow up happens even with my closest friends – I put a google calendar invite to myself (kinda sad).

  1. Adult version of ‘Career Finder Test’ – I was very lucky with the path I took to find what I truly love – product management. I know too many people that are still trying to find it (which is completely normal). I remember taking a test when I was in high school to find out what I was supposed to do – but that wasn’t accurate because I didn’t even know myself. If I could take it now, I bet it would be completely different.

Idea Shoutout: This one goes to @BeccaRabinowitz – SPF Pill. Simple – choose your SPF, 15, 30, (8… if you’re ballsy) take the pill and you don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen. It works from the inside out. I know I hate putting on sunscreen… can you imagine how this would help parents with kids? FDA here we come. @chemist friend needed once again…

Note: I am not vetting the ideas, so some may exist. Please comment if they do!