Day 4 of creating 10 ideas a day.

I found it’s much less draining to think of ideas as the day is going and write them down. I still have much room for improvement and find myself struggling to get numbers 6-10. Taking a bit more of a stretch with some of these ones, but I figured – why not?

If you like one of these ideas, take it and run with it!

  1. Unmanned high-powered telescopes sent into outer space – not sure if we have done this yet or not, but would be awesome to send high-powered telescopes out into space to get a closer/better view.
  2. Self cleaning cars – ok, not actually self-cleaning. Imagining more of a repellent coat that is sprayed on and repels dirt, water, debris, etc. My dad spends a fortune to get his car cleaned every week – he’d buy it.
  3. App that dynamically picks a spot in between two people for meetings – I always have offsite meetings. A question we always ask is “where should we meet?” – this could easily solve it.
  4. Getting paid to walk – got this idea from AdBike. Advertising through clothing. Companies send clothing items to users, they have to wear them around town, take picture and post to social media. Track and pay.
  5. Crowd-sourced scholarship funds for students in need – I don’t have a lot of money, but would love to give a little bit here and there to help students in need. Can have several verticals (ex. Low income family, 3rd world country, wounded warrior, etc.)
  6. Rotating Wardrobe – I hate shopping, but want new clothes so I don’t wear the same things over-and-over again. Pay a subscription and every month get a new wardrobe sent to you. Send clothes back, pay extra to keep certain items, or donate.
  7. Video texting – talk back and forth with videos. Wayv does video introductions to professionals, but what about the response? Or your friends? Group texts would be interesting.
  8. Betting app between friends – Whenever I’m with friends, we like to bet on stupid things. This is pretty come. Can bet on literally anything, set the stakes, tied to your bank account. Both friends confirm who wins and money is transferred.
  9. Peer-to-peer skill sharing – I develop, you day-trade. Let’s teach each other our skills.
  10. Day-in-the-life foundation – We had a group of students come in to SpotHero to learn about what we do. Would be great if individual students could sign up to shadow professionals for a day to see if they are interested in a certain field.

Idea Shoutout: @suzannah_r told me today about her idea called Cat Mapper – for those cat lovers out there, what would be better than being able to find other cats around you?…nothing. Essentially a social media platform for cats (…and maybe their owners?). I don’t have the full details, but sounds like a great niche opportunity!

Note: I am not vetting the ideas, so some may exist. Please comment if they do!