Day 3 of creating 10 ideas a day.

Today, unlike yesterday, woke up not feeling too hot – which drained my energy a bit. I mustered up the energy to go to Technori where I was able to hear pitches on some awesome ideas, hoping that would spark some ideas. Not sure if it was information overload or not feeling great (probably both), but thinking of ideas has been tough today.

Side note: In this process, I seem to find myself coming back to a few themes: travel and philanthropy.

Per usual – rather than coming up with ideas in a silo, I I’ll post them here for everyone to see. These ideas can be about anything.

If you like one of these ideas, take it and run with it!

  1. Ability to scan all the walls and floors in your apartment, the instantly try out different room layouts with furniture
  2. Netflix for video games – You download app to your system and can play all the video games for a fixed price. Could be older video games to start.
  3. Netflix for workout videos 
  4. Travel bundles – buy bundles of trips dispersed throughout the year for a discount
  5. Housing exchange for vacations – I live in Chicago and want to travel to Paris. Sean lives in Paris and wants to travel to Chicago. Let’s meet and exchange housing so we can each stay for free.
  6. Sensors to remind you when to clean specific surfaces – know that I could use a reminder once in a while
  7. Tooth scanner that can instantly diagnose cavities – I hate dental check ups, they take too long
  8. Portable wi-fi without cellular data – no idea how this would work, but it would be bad ass if someone figured it out. is a good start
  9. Technology lessons for 3rd world countries – pre-loaded content delivered on donated laptops. Can also send them raspberry pi’s ( as a cheap way to learn.
  10. App that allows you to easily blog a trip – put in daily itinerary and notes about things you do. Can easily attach pictures, tag friends, add new friends, etc. Post trip it puts together a trip review for you so you never forget your trip.


Note: I am not vetting the ideas, so some may exist. Please comment if they do!