Reading James Altucher’s book – ‘Choose Yourself’ (round 2 – definitely recommend), he asks readers to come up with 10 ideas a day. Theory being, your mind is a muscle like anything else in your body, and you need to practice it. Here it goes…

Rather than coming up with ideas in a silo, I I’ll post them here for everyone to see. These ideas can be anything about anything.

If you like one of these ideas, take it and run with it!

Day 1

  1. Come up with an blog to express various ideas and share it for others to use
  2. Daily email that contains various workouts, sets, and durations. Allow users to subscribe.
  3. Come up with a more comfortable, better fitting sleep mask that adjust transparency based on time of day/night, might have an alarm clock, or adjust to brightness so you can more easily wake up in the morning
  4. Indoor beaches in cold climates like Chicago that have vitamin D lights, tropical atmosphere, roof dims with sunsets and has tiki bars like tropical resorts. Can stay over night and have beach villas. Bora-bora indoors
  5. Wrist watch that allows you to easily switch out components – face, band, etc. to have a more customizable watch without having multiple watches
  6. Car sharing by the hour – can rent your neighbors car through the application by the hour so you can go grocery shopping or get a haircut.
  7. Website purely for local date ideas and suggestions – could include social aspect
  8. Docu-series on an entrepreneur – follows them through 6 months of business creation. Could have multiple seasons on different entrepreneurs
  9. At home physical kit so you can provide a self-assessment. Followed by a 15 minute virtual consultation with a physician.
  10. On-demand dentists and doctors that come directly to where you live and provide necessary services. You say – I need a dental cleaning, the dentist will come to you.


Note: I am not vetting the ideas, so some may exist. Please comment if they do!